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Psychic Andrea


Andrea believes everything has a number. By using Numerology, she has the ability to access information that is significant to your life. Her accuracy amazes even those who have been looking for answers for years. Andrea, who can receive specific names, dates, and states that are relevant to peoples's lives, specializes in compatibility in relationships and business. 

Mystic DJ


Mystic DJ reads tarot cards and is able to do dream interpretations. At the age of 7 she started meditating and reading cards. DJ says "It's truly a pleasure to read for people." She learned to incorporate numerology and astrology into her tarot card readings giving them an overall "extra" many times with important information making messages clearer. DJ also does dream interpretations helping people understand their dreams. She has worked for Psychic Andrea for 16 years and looks forward to continuing to give people guidance through her readings.

About Us

Medium Karen



Karen is a professional psychic channel and medium who helps people to connect with their loved ones who have passed away. She also channels her guides to relay messages regarding current and/or future information for her clients. Throughout her life, Karen has experienced many connections with the spirit world. Because of this, she understands how healing and uplifting those connections can be to those of us in the physical world. She truly feels honored to be able to relay similar messages of hope and guidance to her clients. In addition to private readings, Karen can also conduct group readings, where she connects people with their loved ones on the other side. Please let us know if you have a group of 5 or more people who would like to communicate with their loved ones who have crossed over.



Soul portraits are a mixed media of aura and soul energy specific readings using art & color to project image and energy on paper as a referenced message for you to take home. These types of readings reach to the conditions of the soul, your spiritual self, general & sometimes specific karmic issues & life directional pathways. Soul portraits can relate to your past, present, future or all three. They can often be very insightful as a tool for further self-work for enlightenment, healing, or general path working.

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Lori/ Receptionist