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We offer Psychic readings, Numerology, Tarot readings, Medium , Soul Portraits, Domino readings. Our Gift Shop Offers Sage,7 day candles,Crystal Journey Candles,Incense, Essential Oils, Angel Stones,Jewelry,Beautiful Greeting Cards.Tee Shirts,Zodiac c Mugs,Tote Bags, other metaphysical gifts.


About Me

Andrea believes everything has a number. By using Numerology she has the ability to access information that is significant to your life. Her accuracy amazes even those who have been looking for answers for years. Andrea, who can receive specific names, dates, and states that are relevant to people lives. She specializes in compatibility in relationships and business.


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  1. For questions  about our services or to request one of our gifited psychics please call one of our receptionist Lori or Rhianna at 727-545-4368 and they will gladly schedule your appointment. 

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